I’m Turjoy

A freelance content writer for technology-based entrepreneurs. I am from Kolkata. I work with companies and brands of every size to establish, expand, and improve their online footprint through content.


Content-wise: I charge ₹ 3 per word. Will do niche research, keyword research and competitor research.

Project-wise: Same as content. Extra charges for coming up with a content strategy. You can quote it later.

How It Works

No commitment offer! I know I am perfect for you, but you take your time. Pay as I write.

Free Consultation

Requirements Planning

Research & Content Strategy

Content writing

Launch, Measure, Refine, Repeat

Step 01

Project Definition

We are going to have a nice chat on how you can offer your customers the worth of their time, while they visit your website or download your resource. If you are sure what you want me to write about, Voila! If not no worries I can do the research for you.

Tell me what you want

I will do reasearch if you are unsure

Decide the plan

Step 02

Research & Strategy

I like to tell stories. But for you, I will write stories that sell. After we are done deciding topic(s), I will be doing research to deliver content that search engines would love.

Niche Research

Competitor Research

Keyword Research

Step 03


At this stage, I have already formed the mental image of everything I am going to start writing. No, don’t worry, using words not needed just to raise my word count, not really my style. I barely compromise with quality. 

Finish writing

Send you samples of the content

Pay full to get full sample

Step 04

Launch, Measure, Repeat

The deal’s done. The writing is launched. Like all marketing efforts, the impact of this writing on your ROI is clearly measurable. After you have your satisfaction, we can continue with later articles. Don’t worry minor changes in your writings are free of cost.


Get New Email Subscribers

Who doesn’t want to come back for more if the food’s great? Same with content. People will provide their emails if the content stands out. 

New Leads From SEO

Organic SEO does not cost a penny. Yes, I am literally allowing you to exploit my SEO skills to improve your brand and sales.

Lift Online Sales

Imagine customers deciding if they should buy your products. They remember how your content added value to their lives. They buy.

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