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The Freelancing Highway with Devon Campbell – Honest Experiences, Mindset and More

The Freelancing Highway with Devon Campbell – Honest Experiences, Mindset and More

Recently I interviewed Devon Campbell, whose life changed after he chose web development. He has an agency, RadWorks, providing startups with web development and marketing strategy services. He also helped a lot of people get the life they want with web development. His personal website is which is actually a treasure trove for budding freelancers.

I found him from Google while searching “freelance web development”.  He had great related content on it. I have been following his ways from his free content and it got me, my first client, too.

This interview will be valuable for anyone willing to build a career freelancing. The questions I explored with him are the common questions my juniors and batchmates had.

In this chat, Devon shares his honest experiences. How he decided to choose a different path and that changed everything. How he was as a child. What to expect while freelancing, understanding that freelancing is basically no different than entrepreneurship and many more.

I learnt a lot too. My key takeaways are some of his quotes:

“It seems so scary before you do it… but once you actually do it, it’s actually not that scary and you can sell yourself a lot better.” 

Since I am still an intermediate, I can relate deeply to it.

About the importance of marketing and understanding what the customer needs, he says,

“The marketing is so important and so underestimated… who am I talking to and what problems they are having? What skills do I need to solve those problems?” 

When asked if freelancing feels more secure than being employed…

“Deep down inside…it’s like someday it’s all gonna disappear and you will have nothing…I deal with that by looking back.” 

When logic plays with the mind, experience reminds reality.

Last but not the least, about the central piece of freelancing journey and relationships…

“If you can build trust, you can do it” 

Enjoy the chat show!


Watch on YouTube to jump to your specific questions of interest.



Clear your mind to run simulations

How would you describe your mind? Mostly a mess. It makes no sense. Can you lift a chair sitting on it? It’s the same with the mind. It’s not possible to understand the mind because you are using it to understand.

The only way to understand the mind is to be silent enough to let it speak its problems.

Enough with literature. How to do it? How to turn your mind from your foe to your friend?

Let’s start with your mental constructs. Your habitual thinking process. Why do you need them?

Like happens in cycles. You would want to stay in a cycle that favours the expression of your potentials.