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I’m Turjoy, a freelance writer in Kolkata

“See they are winning!”, my parents used to say. “But their work is nowhere as good as mine”, I replied. “Who cares? They connected with teachers well! Do that!” Wait, so sacrifice my quality of work, just to have momentary attention!

That’s when I decided deep inside, I will not only grow this skill of connecting with people but also provide quality. I will help those like me who are serious about their product or services.

Design (Aesthetics + Functionality) is denied enough importance. It’s not the luxury of the rich only. Design is what makes a product alive. That’s why I stand by Product People to inspire them to focus on their product design or service and let me handle the marketing.

You can reach me at You can follow me up on twitter too. See below my image.

My Philosophy



We are trapped in an intricately conditioned mind. We stay happily till a vision to grow strikes us. That is when we need to know the mind better. So that we may spread the light of our vision through the cracks of our mind’s prison.



The mind becomes more vibrant as it connects with life more and more. We then have the inspiration to do but know not how to do it. That’s when we dedicate our time to skills.



Besides growing the skills to develop your product or service, you also need to develop skills to connect people with your vision. That’s where marketing skills come into play

Your Content is Your Voice

Your digital pressence need to know how to communicate. It needs to be the go-to platform for your customers.

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